I had a dream about me having a zit/fish head (fishheadzitpimple?) which was looking at me. It was a weird dream, as usual. 




The rarest of the rare: a men’s magazine advocating hairy armpits on women.


Except. It’s uncomfortable and it stinks..

If you think it’s gross that’s fine, you don’t have to grow it. Personally I happen to prefer the aesthetic of a shaved pit myself. But it’s about choice, and tolerance, and the delightful notion of a society that is accepting of whatever a woman chooses to grow or not grow. Men can grow whatever they want, and woman should be able to as well. Feminism; not a challenging concept.

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Is it just me, or does this get faster and faster the longer I look at it?

it DEFINITELY gets faster.

Cool story: your brain takes so much longer to process this the first time you watch it, but as you continue watching it, your memory retains more and more of the scene. Thus, your brain can process it quicker and knows what to expect.

I’m reblogging this because that comment made me think

I don’t think it is… I think it’s looped funny. every four times aroind it cuts a frame or two.

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TO CLARIFY. I do not support James Holmes. This is not a James Holmes fan page, nor a blog that in any way condones his actions. I do not wish to get involved in a debate or contest the politics of the situation. Whatever happens to him is for the state of Colorado to decide.
The comic I am making is a commentary on the circumstances surrounding the event.
Please, if you in any way idolize a man who is responsible for ruining the lives of so many, look somewhere else. I have no interest in affiliating with you.

Another inking test for an upcoming project.
This is James Holmes, he shot and killed a number of people at a Dark Knight Rises screening last year, and in doing so perpetuated many negative stereotypes linked to film and comic book culture.
Maria Lewis and myself are collaborating to create a short series of comics that comment on the event, but by no means glorify the violence that took place. These perspective peices will center around people on the fringe of what happened; the ifs and almosts of a horrible situation.

Follow me here for updates and more information about what we hope to achieve.

Myself and Maria Lewis are working on something…

drawbatman asked: Hello! Have you considered submitting something to my Batman project, Everyone Draw Batman? You should.

I’d love to! Give me a day or two to sketch something up and I’ll get right on it, thanks for taking the time to look at my page :) 


Guys… be gentle with me, this is my first attempt at digital colouring. And as it turns out, it was a much harder venture than I initially anticipated. However, it’s been a really eye opening experience! I have so much to learn, but there’s no point in pussy footing about - this is a thing, it could be better, but it’s a start :) 

Another quick teaser for The Saint, which I’ll be uploading on Monday.

It is now well past two in the morning… don’t forsee myself going to bed any time soon. Kettle’s on, at any rate. 

Here is the cover to a comic I’m working on with my friend Gary at the moment! The first six pages should be up by Monday, keep an eye and an ear out!